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Food in Nepal or Nepalese food varies depending upon ethnicity, climate, cultural diversity and geography. But Dal, Bhat, Tarkari is eaten throughout Nepal twice a day for lunch and dinner. Dal is a soup made of lentils, bhat is rice and tarkari is vegetable, it could either be meat or vegetables. Plus other additional and side dishes depending upon financial income of the family. Beside, Dal Bhat Tarkari there are other varieties of food eaten in Nepal by the Nepalese. Check the list of some of the popular/common foods loved by many Nepalese.

Dal Bhat Tarkari Nepal Food

Food in Nepal
Dal Bhat Tarkari Most popular food in Nepal, eaten twice a day
Momo Steamed dumpling, stuffed with meat like pork, buff, chicken or simply vegetables.
Sukuti Its a dry meat, usualy its buff meat.
Sekuwa Meat rosted in wood fire. Usually its a goat and pork meat.
Thukpa Soup noodles or noodles with hot boiled soup. Soup can be of pork, goat, or buff bones or sometimes just a vegetable soup.
Chowmein Fried noodles with spice. Chowmein could be pork, guff, chicken or vegetable.
Sel roti Sel roti is a ciruclar Nepalese style roti made of rice flour paste, deep try, dipping it in a heated oil.
Gundruk Gundruk is one of the popular Nepalese food specially in the hills and villages of Nepal prepared by preserving the leafy vegetables.
Dhido Dhido is another popular Nepalese food with people in the hills and villages. It is prepared from millet and sometime out of corn flour too.
Chau Chau Chau chau is simple Nepalese version of instant noodles, eaten by boling in hot water for 2 minutes or sometimes just out of the packet.
Chatpate Chatpate is made by mixing murai (rice bubbles), instant noodles, spicy ingredients, onions, tomato, peas, corriander, chillies, salt, lemon/lime etc.
Panipuri Panipuri is made with two main items, pani which is flaoured water with lemon/lime, salt and bit of chilli and puri, small crispy deep fried small rounded hallow ball shape bread which will be stuffed with mashed potato mixed with onion, chilli and other ingredients as per the likening of the person.
Cheura Cheura is made out of rice. Rice beaten flat and dried to keep it fresh and last longer. It is dry but can be eaten with anything like tarkari, meat, instant noodles, tea, milk, yoghurt (curd) etc.